The Australian Telecommunications Industry

For everyone, from media reports, the telecommunications market is in chaos.

However reports show another story. The Australian telecoms market is who is fit particularly since 2000.

Telecommunications revenues are up by 5.5% in 2005, and it is forecasted to increase another 4.1% for 2006.

The typical growth during the last 5 years is 4.6%.

This might or might not have experienced an effect on why, on 17 2006 the Australian Government put in place the abandonment of their insurance policy for the operational separation of Telstra by not selling the rest of the 51% of Telstra shares.

In August the Australian government also shook in the various cosy telecoms relationships around australia. They finally revealed the issues Telstra was and it is facing. It was something which the had known for a long time.

Consequently Telstra’s share cost fell to more realistic levels. At the begining of September the federal government introduced its new telecoms Bill into Parliament. For that full (free) analysis report from the Telco crisis and new legislation stick to the links below.

Exactly what does this suggest for purchasers? Exactly what does this suggest for that industry? We are able to only wait and find out.