Web Interactive Video – Top Three Services Reviewed

In the following paragraphs I will evaluate the top three video web conference companies. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of every. The benefits and drawbacks of every according to reliability, cost, and simplicity of use. The very best three based on allconferenceservices.com are Microsoft ‘office’ live meeting, Citrix visit meeting, and WebEx meet me now.

Microsoft ‘office’ Live Meeting

Microsoft ‘office’ live meeting offers numerous convenient, wide varying features by having an exceptional selection of system tools. Microsoft offers excellent support services. Additionally they provide a free thirty day trail. A few of the disadvantages to Microsoft ‘office’ live meeting include you getting to become online to schedule conferences. And to record the conference you need to input the program information right into a separate recording console. Should you input the incorrect figures you won’t know anything is wrong before you attempt to evaluate it at another time. The cost varies from $22.50 monthly for five seats and 250 participant connections per meeting to $80.00 monthly for five seats and as much as 1250 participants per meeting additionally, it includes limitless shared meeting tracks for 360 days.

Citrix – Visit Meeting Conferencing

Citrix visit meeting provides a free 14 day free trial. An array of features can be found, permitting a greater degree of user ambiance and easy meeting setup. Conferences could be setup on or offline. Citrix visit meeting offers a number of different payment plans with respect to the quantity of participants. Each plan includes limitless usage. Citrix visit meeting offers high security too. A few of the disadvantages to citrix visit meeting include citrix visit conferences support not as quick as Microsoft having a turnaround duration of 24 hrs.

WebEx – Meet Me Now

WebEx is very easy to use web interactive video program, with easy software installation. WebEx also provides easy meeting setup with on or offline abilities. WebEx is an extremely accommodating system that may be tailored to individual needs. WebEx provides a free 14 day trail. One factor WebEx offers is mobile abilities. WebEx offers two payment plans a $49.00 monthly plan the includes limitless online conferences with as many as twenty-five participants, A single click online record and replay. Or they provide a pay by use program for individuals using only the recording web conference from time to time the cost of this program is $.33 each minute per participant. Disadvantages would simply be for individuals who’d apply it to occasion having to pay through the minute turn into pricey.